The Process

Our Recommendation

Day one:

Drink a mug of warm lemon water in the morning

Then 30 mins later start with juice one- and then every 90 mins drink the next juice in numerical order until juice 8. If you sleep late I suggest you then start the detox later to last you until bedtime and make sure you drink lots of water in-between to eliminate dehydration that will cause headaches.

The juices contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that will boost your energy. However do allow yourself to be less activated then usual just incase.

Repeat the process until your detox days are over.

The day after your detox is complete drink warm water with lemon juice again and have fruit for breakfast. Lunchtime should consist of more fruit and some vegetables and then some green tea with honey as a snack during the day. Dinner should be a delicious salad and vegetables with fruit and tea as dessert.

Make sure you drink a lot of water as your body is still detoxing as it is using fresh nutrition from the fruits and vegetables to detox.

The day after this you can start introducing brown rice and yogurt and other dairy products. Use this opportunity to discipline yourself into eating correctly from now on. So less sugar, soda drinks, carbs and oily foods. Introduce brown rice, brown pasta and try not to mix starches ( which means if you having rice and chicken then don’t have potato with it) and don’t mix your proteins ( meaning if you having chicken don’t have steak and prawns together etc.)

Please note this is a detox at the end of the day and not a weight loss diet. Use this as a stepping stone to discipline and improve eating habits. Weight loss can occur depending on your metabolism. If weight loss occurred please continue maintaining it carefully. Seek guidance from a professional dietitian and a personal trainer to guide you on a better and healthy transformation, naturally.